Lubao, officially the Municipality of Lubao, is a 1st class municipality in the province of Pampanga, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 160,838 people.

It is noted for rice, sugar cane, fish, and sampaguita.

he town’s name derives from the indigenous term lubo which means low or sunken, reflective of the area’s muddy and flooded characteristics. Lubao is also known by its Pampangan-language equivalent Baba.

Located in the south-western part of Pampanga, Lubao is bounded by the municipalities of Guagua on the north, Sasmuan on the east, Floridablanca on the west and Hermosa, Bataan, on the south.


Lubao is politically subdivided into 44 barangays.

Cluster 1:

  • San Isidro
  • Santiago
  • Santo Niño (Prado Saba)
  • San Roque Arbol
  • Baruya (San Rafael)
  • Lourdes (Lauc Pau)
  • Prado Siongco

Cluster 2:

  • San Jose Gumi
  • Balantacan
  • Santa Teresa 2nd
  • Bancal Sinubli
  • Bancal Pugad
  • Calangain

Cluster 3:

  • San Pedro Palcarangan
  • San Pedro Saug
  • San Pablo 1st
  • San Pablo 2nd
  • De La Paz
  • Santa Cruz

Cluster 4:

  • Remedios
  • Santa Maria
  • Del Carmen
  • San Agustin
  • Santa Rita
  • Santa Teresa 1st

Cluster 5:

  • Santo Tomas (Poblacion)
  • San Roque Dau
  • Santo Cristo
  • San Matias
  • Don Ignacio Dimson
  • Santa Monica

Cluster 6:

  • Santo Domingo
  • San Miguel
  • Concepcion
  • San Francisco
  • San Vicente
  • San Antonio
  • San Jose Apunan

Cluster 7: